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Checking your Hotmail Junk Mail Settings
We have received reports from some of our customers that occasionally e-mail from Famous Guitar Intro will be routed to Hotmail's Junk Mail folder. Famous Guitar Intro values your privacy and does not send unsolicited e-mail.

If you experience problems receiving messages from Famous Guitar Intro and you are using Hotmail, we recommend that you check your Hotmail Junk Mail settings.

How to check your Hotmail Junk Mail settings
If you have the Hotmail Junk Mail filter enabled, some messages will be automatically routed to your Junk Mail folder. After logging into Hotmail, you will find your Junk Mail folder in the folder list on the left.

Click on your Junk Mail folder to review any messages that have automatically been routed there. If you find any messages from Famous Guitar Intro, select the message and click on the 'This is not Junk Mail' button near the top.

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